Party Catering

No matter what type of event you are planning, we have the experience to help take the stress out of organisation. Use the following as a guide to planning the drinks for your event.

WHAT TYPE OF PARTY ARE YOU PLANNING: Actual number of guests attending? Age of guests? Number under 21 years of age? Weather? Budget (Quality level: moderate, average, high)? Known preferences of guests? Length of party? Dinner wine? After dinner drinks? Coffee? Theme of party?
WINE: Provide wine for 75% of your guests. You will need about one 750-ml bottle of wine for every two of these "wine drinkers." A ratio of two reds 40% to three whites 60% is typical. Remember wine for dinner is in addition to these suggested quantities.

DINNER PARTY GUIDE: For a dinner provide two 750-ml bottles of wine for every three guests. More wine will be needed if the dinner is very long (2-3 hours) and several wines are being served. Feel free to serve several different wines with a meal. We will gladly help you choose wine to complement each course including dessert.

WEDDING RECEPTIONS : Most wedding receptions offer wine and champagne and normally more wine than champagne is consumed. For 90% of the guests, provide 1 bottle of wine and one bottle of champagne for every three guests. Remember wine for dinner is in addition to these suggested quantities. Champagne for a toast only: provide one bottle for every five guests.

WINE TASTING PARTY: Wine tasting parties can vary from the very casual "bring your favourite white wine", to the more formal "sit down" tasting of a well-defined selection. It's a good idea to limit the number of wines somewhat; eight different wines are usually sufficient. We are happy to help you with ideas and selections for any type of tasting you are having.

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