Would you buy wine in a paper bottle?

For many people when they buy wine, the weight of the bottle is an indication of quality - the heavier the glass, the finer the wine inside.

But this rule of thumb could be turned on its head by the creation of new packaging that seems unusual, but is actually deceptively familiar.

Retail market analyst Datamonitor Consumer reports the launch of PaperBoy Wine, a new US wine that comes in recycled cardboard bottles.

"Who says that wine packaging must be heavy or must be made from glass?" asks Tom Vierhile, innovation insights director for innovation tracking at Datamonitor Consumer.

The launch has been named 'innovation of the week' by the analyst, but is not so unusual.

With a plastic inner lining containing the wine, the bottles are simply a variation on widely used 'bag in box' packaging, which many British wine enthusiasts would not be surprised to see when they buy wine in stores.

As the focus on reducing packaging waste intensifies in the years to come, however, it could be only a matter of time until the bulk of casual wines - designed for immediate drinking rather than to be stored for decades - are supplied as 'bag in bottle' cardboard containers.