Would you buy wine 'from Westeros'?

The worlds of literary fantasy regularly inspire people to buy wine, in the hope of recreating the great social gatherings and feasts that often feature in epic narratives.

With that in mind, Sydney-based advertising agency Common Ventures has launched a new side project, inviting people to buy wine inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire.

This series of fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin provides the narrative for the television series Game of Thrones, and the different royal families and political houses of the story have inspired the Wines of Westeros line-up.

As such, you may choose a sauvignon blanc named after the Starks, or a pinot noir bearing the name Lannister.

Common Ventures have taken their theme a little far, threatening: "Be wary... a sip of this wine may be your last," but it is all in a sense of good humour.

The project is not officially affiliated with the TV series, so copyright issues may yet prevent the wine from going on sale.

However, it's good to see the common practice of making souvenir wine glasses to celebrate film and TV franchises has now 'spilled over' into making wine itself.