Wine offers help to balance EU supply and demand

Wine merchants regularly run wine offers for varieties from regions all over the world, but there's a good reason why EU regions in particular are likely to appear at a discounted price.

You might think it's all about geography - after all, Europe is the closest neighbour to the UK, making its fine wines easier and cheaper to transport.

However, there's more to it than that - the supply of wine produced in Europe typically outstrips demand, and the European Commission has been making efforts to overcome that in recent years.

For instance, vineyard owners have been given financial assistance to carry out 'grubbing up' measures, where vines are extracted from the ground and other crops planted in their place.

Some vineyards have also been restructured or converted, again with financial support from the EU, to make them more competitive on the world stage.

The latter approach, however, actually increases vineyard yields, adding to the so-called 'wine lake' that exists on the continent.

All of this means a surplus of fine wines from Europe's vineyards - helping to encourage the wine offers you see from your local wine merchant.