Wine merchants rue England's early World Cup exit

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With the World Cup now over, wine merchants are left to count the cost of England's early exit, having been knocked out in the group stages of the tournament in Brazil.

Expectations may not have been especially high, but most England fans will have been at least hoping for a top-two finish in the group.

With England eliminated at the first hurdle of the finals, the impact on wine merchants was clear in the week's Wilson Drinks Report.

This showed a 3.8% drop in sales of still wine during week two of the World Cup, while cider and lager both trended strongly upwards.

But with the tournament now over, there is plenty of reason to put away the pints and opt for something a little more flavoursome.

Wine merchants can help you to choose a white that will be refreshing when well chilled - and of course there are ways to enjoy red wine even on a hot summer's day.

You may simply like to drink it warm, as is the tradition overseas, but if not, throw in some ice, some fruit and top up with orange juice and lemonade for a frosty glass of sangria.