Wine merchants help Seekenders do more

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A new category of holidaymakers and hobbyists - Seekenders - could do more with their Saturdays and Sundays with the help of independent wine merchants.

Newly published research by Wakefield Research on behalf of the hotel brand Hampton by Hilton shows that for a sizeable group of people, the weekend is an opportunity to try something new.

These experiences tend to fall into four groups: food, sports, music and outdoors.

On the one hand, wine clearly complements the food category, and independent wine merchants can help you to choose the perfect bottle to accompany any cuisine, however new or unusual it may be.

But as your knowledge of wine grows, you may find you choose to base your experiences around the beverage itself.

Sommelier weekends are a fun way to gain some professional skills as you learn how to taste wine properly, and the characteristics of a technically good tipple.

Finally, head to a local vineyard - or one further afield - and you can see the grapes being grown and processed into wine, as well as tasting a few examples in the heart of their own terroir.