Wine merchants brace for lower Southern Hemisphere supplies

If your favourite wines are from the Southern Hemisphere, you might want to head to your local wine merchants sooner, rather than later, and buy wine for the coming months.

Outside of the bottles you might get from a fine wine company, much of the wine on the market in the present day is intended to be consumed relatively quickly - within two years at the most.

That can mean a poor year on the vineyards translates into a shortage of supply - and the OIV are warning of just that in the Southern Hemisphere.

Based on early estimates, the OIV are predicting that Southern Hemisphere yields could be down by as much as 10% in 2014.

This should see around 50 mhl (millions of hectolitres) produced in the entire Southern Hemisphere this year.

With this reduction in mind, it may be worth contacting wine merchants to see if you can buy wine from southern regions and stock up for the year ahead.

Australia, South Africa, Argentina and Chile are among the producers that could be affected, making this one forecast that is unlikely to put a smile on many faces - although with a margin for error of four million hectolitres in the prediction, the final production figure could be as high as 53 mhl.