Wine gift delivery sends a thoughtful sign

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Last week we talked about how you can buy wine online to avoid having to head out into the chilly autumn air - and typically, the jet stream immediately settled into a period of high pressure and unseasonal warmth.

But autumn and winter are on their way, and at a time when many of us will be very busy preparing for the festive season, a late-year birthday can throw a real spanner in the works.

However, the same principles we discussed last week also apply equally well when it comes to wine gift delivery - which is an option when you buy wine online.

Look out for our gift offers each week, as the selection changes just as our regular wine stock does with time, and that means there's always something new to buy for a loved one or a deserving colleague or business contact.

Many people send wine gift delivery rather than handing over a Christmas present in person, and again, at a time when many drinks cabinets are coping with large numbers of guests and unexpected visitors, an extra bottle arriving at the door can be more than welcome.