Wine gift delivery could help tackle diabetes

Wine gift delivery could have unexpected benefits in tackling inflammation-related diseases such as diabetes, according to researchers at Penn State.

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, they have found health benefits associated with the consumption of popular gift items, including wine and cocoa.

In the case of the latter, however, you should steer clear of fatty, high-sugar chocolate and simply enjoy cocoa in its purest form as a hot drink.

Joshua Lambert, associate professor of food science at Penn State, explains: "Cocoa powder is low in fat and low in sugar.

"We looked at cocoa because it contains a lot of polyphenolic compounds, so it is analogous to things like green tea and wine, which researchers have been studying for some of their health benefits."

In tests on mice, the researchers found that supplementing their diets with cocoa powder had no effect on their weight, but helped to reduce inflammation stemming from them being overweight.

The findings show that it is not only wine that can be linked with positive health effects - and the next time you are ordering wine gift delivery, you might want to look for a bottle that comes accompanied by some high-cocoa, good-quality chocolate too.Wine gift