Wine gift delivery can provide perfect party presents

If you're going to a housewarming party, birthday celebration or baby/wedding shower, wine gift delivery can provide you with the perfect present for your generous host to share with you on the evening.

According to foodservice industry analyst Horizons, Britons are tending to eat out more in the mornings and at lunchtime, and less in the evenings.

The organisation points to an article in the Guardian based on its research, which shows a typical meal for two might now easily cost over £55, of which £15 might go on wine.

For £15 from an independent wine merchant, you can often find affordable but high-quality wine gifts to take with you to a house party, or even just for a few glasses at a friend's house.

Wine gift delivery brings these directly to your door - or, if you cannot make it in person to the party in question, you might find an independent wine merchant who can deliver your gift directly to its recipient.

And if the host of the party is covering the cost of any food and drink, but you want to take a bottle as a present, consider upping your budget slightly so you can give them something that really makes an impact.