Wine accessory may be a fine wine company's perfect partner

If you're friends with a wine buff, there's a good chance they have a favourite grape, a favourite region, or even a preferred fine wine company to buy from.

But one thing they might not have is the option of tasting some of their more valuable wines, without the risk of causing damage to them.

As we all know, regardless of the quality of a bottle of wine, once it's open the clock is ticking - and it has to be drunk before too much oxygen gets into it.

This could be set to change, however, as a report from Wine Intelligence notes the introduction of accessories that allow bottles to be 'tapped' without removing the cork, and without introducing oxygen into the bottle.

In effect, this could allow you to buy a bottle from your favourite fine wine company, tap it, enjoy a glass, then save the remainder for a later date.

You might not want to store a tapped bottle indefinitely, but it could still mean the difference between having a few days and a few weeks to finish the bottle.