Why your wine cellar is like a fast-paced fine wine company

Part of the role of a fine wine company can be to ensure wines of quality are stored in the correct conditions, so that when they reach you as the customer, they can be enjoyed at their best.

But recently published research in the academic journal Metabolomics reveals that, when you store fine wines at home, your own wine cellar can act like a fine wine company in fast-forward.

A team at the Fondazione Edmund Mach Research and Innovation Centre in Italy stored 20 Sangiovese wines for two years, some in a professional wine cellar, and some in a house as if they had been bought.

They were analysed using the scientific method of liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry every six months.

Those stored in domestic conditions were found to develop four times faster than their cellar-stored counterparts.

After six months, they had reached the same stage that those in the cellar group reached at the end of the two years.

"Ageing in domestic conditions appeared to induce an accelerated decrease in wine pigments, while specifically promoting the formation of pinotin A-like pigments and the hydrolysis of flavonol glycosides," the article reports.

This highlights the importance of buying from a reputable fine wine company - and provides the perfect excuse to drink a good wine within six months of purchase.