Why you should stock up on soup before you buy wine online

Buying wine online is a great way to save on costs, but when a large order arrives, it can be tempting to over-indulge as you sample all the different regions and grapes in your crate.

Surprisingly, research presented to the American Chemical Society reveals that soup - and particularly a New Orleans delicacy, Yak-a-mein - can be an effective way to combat the after-effects of drinking too much alcohol.

Yak-a-mein is a traditional recipe that combines beef and soy sauce broth with carbs like noodles, proteins from beef or other meats like shrimp and chicken, onions, and hard-boiled egg.

It is a common feature on the streets of New Orleans during festival season, but there are good reasons to add a similar soup to your own cupboard before you buy wine online.

The soup's nickname is 'Old Sober', and it seems its specific combination of ingredients helps to overcome problems like dehydration, and relieve the strain placed on the body as it recovers from excessive alcohol intake.

"It may be a good example of intuitive science," says Dr Alyson E Mitchell, who presented the evidence. "An effective remedy, and with the scientific basis revealed only years later."

The American Chemical Society adds that hangovers can also be avoided by taking in less than 5oz of wine per hour - equivalent to about 140ml, which is enough for a small glass of wine each hour.