Why online wine shops have more Rieslings

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If you've noticed an increase in the number and quality of Rieslings listed in online wine shops, then you've spotted a growing trend taking place both within the wine's native Germany, and internationally.

A report from consumer analysts Mintel explains why Riesling in particular is faring well at the moment, and it's thanks both to an increasing liking for the wine in the UK, and a taste for quality in Germany.

Over here, as in the US, more and more wine-lovers are giving Riesling a try, which is helping producers in Germany to focus on the export market.

But there is also a trend for German drinkers to pay more for a good quality wine too, making a generally good economic period for the wine.

Katya Witham, senior food and drink analyst for Mintel in Germany, said: "As German consumers keep trading up to higher priced wines, German winemakers would benefit from edging up the quality ladder and moving the regional origin to the centre of their marketing strategy.

"In addition, the recent surge in popularity of Riesling among wine-lovers outside Germany, and in particular in the US and the UK, opens up export opportunities, especially in the premium segment."

This is helping online wine shops to find good stocks of Riesling, including a growing selection of higher quality wines - which eagle-eyed enthusiasts might have spotted in recent months as this trend has emerged.