Why kids affect how you buy wine in late summer

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There have been sunny days and rainy ones, but with August already underway, the end of summer is fast approaching - and that may see a change in the way you buy wine over the coming weeks, too.

One way or another, many parents will find their wine shopping habits influenced by their children, whether they are only just starting school, or are about ready to fly the nest.

For children of school age and above, August is the last month of freedom before the new academic year begins - and parents get their daytimes back.

With the new education year underway in mid-September, your children might be in bed a little earlier, giving you more time to sit down for a quiet glass of wine before you hit the hay.

And if your kids are nearing the end of their teenage years, you might be about to get your evenings back too.

Thousands of 18-year-olds will be starting university this time around, so don't forget to buy wine well in advance of their departure.

You might want to give them a bottle to share with new flatmates to help break the ice - and you'll probably want a bottle to open when you get home too, either to celebrate regaining your own freedom, or to wind down from the stress and emotions of moving your child out of the family home.