Why fine wine companies will have 'high' hopes for climate change

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Climate change is a concern for fine wine companies with vineyards in traditional growing regions, where crop yields could come under pressure in the future as environmental conditions move away from those ideal for growth.

But fine wine companies with diverse geographic portfolios could pin their hopes high - quite literally - as the trends that underpin climate change should be good news for vineyards at high altitudes.

According to a report from InfoWine, the Internet Journal of Viticulture and Enology, existing wine regions could be saved through greater irrigation - although their preferred grape varieties are likely to be less economical to grow.

However, at higher altitudes, average temperature increases could make for stronger growing seasons, while falling precipitation amounts may mean less water-borne disease to attack crops.

The possible outcomes were presented at the 10th International Terroir Congress, held on July 7th-10th in the Tokaj Wine Region of Hungary.

And while climate change is clearly a concern - and nobody in the industry is likely to be arguing that it is a positive trend overall - it is equally clear that the industry is already focusing on addressing the challenges raised, to maintain a stable supply of wine in the decades ahead.