Why changing fizz habits are good news for wine merchants

Fizzy drinks are firm favourites across all age groups, but with everything from carbonated pop to vintage Champagne, recent trends in consumer 'fizz' preferences have brought good news for wine merchants.

There are many ways to add some sparkle to alcoholic beverages, including premixed alcopops, cocktails that blend spirits with carbonated soft drinks, and of course sparkling wine.

And while many wine merchants offer a diverse range of different drinks, including spirits, growth in sparkling wine in particular has been very strong for several years now.

Figures from Wine Intelligence show that UK consumers now drink 110 million bottles of sparkling wine each year, a six million bottle increase over the past five years.

Over 21 million people in the UK now drink sparkling wine at least sometimes - and six million people drink Prosecco once a month or more.

In contrast, other sparkling beverages are showing signs of decline, with a quarter of people planning to drink premixed drinks and spirits - whether mixed with fizzy drinks or fruit juice, or enjoyed neat - less in the future.

Sparkling cider may be the main rival in years to come, however, as 10% of people who regularly consume sparkling alcoholic beverages say that cider is their favourite option.