Why buy wine from the 'wrong' region?

When many of us buy wine, we have certain expectations of which grapes will come from which regions.

For example, Chardonnay is a grape, and Chablis is the region, yet many wine connoisseurs consider the two to go hand in hand.

Likewise, Mendoza in Argentina has become the go-to region for Malbec since the red variety became a mainstay of the UK wine retail market a few years ago.

It's not just in fine wines where this is the case, either - buy wine for a Friday night in, and it's likely that your bottle of White Zinfandel was produced in California.

But it doesn't have to be that way - you can buy Chardonnay that was grown in Mendoza, or Malbec grown in Cahors in France.

And when you do so, you might be at the forefront of a new trend; for instance, Cahors was the home of Malbec until the 1950s, when bad weather destroyed many of the vines there.

Perhaps Argentina will prove to be the future home of Chardonnay, just as it has become with Malbec?

Whatever happens, there are plenty of fine wines from regions you might normally not consider, which are well worth trying if you feel adventurous this weekend.