Which fine wine company will take the flavoured plunge?

The wine market is on tenterhooks as analysts wait to see which fine wine company will be the first to try producing premium flavoured wines.

Flavoured wines have rapidly become a market segment in their own right, with Wine Intelligence reporting results from IRI that show a 45.2% increase in sales of flavoured wines - including sangria - between March 2012 and 2013.

This is faster growth than was seen in the same period by iced tea, speciality beer, cognac or rum, and shows how the younger generation in particular are embracing low-alcohol flavoured wines in the spiritual homeland of the beverage, France.

In the UK, the market might not be as established as you'd think - labels like MD 20/20 are familiar to some, but while most people are aware of Lambrini, it is actually not a wine, but a flavoured perry - part of the trend towards fruity ciders that has gripped the British alcohol industry for several years.

That raises the question of whether a fine wine company common in the UK market will take the plunge or not - could we soon see a premium low-alcohol fruit-flavoured wine on sale in your local independent wine merchant's shop?