What's in our online wine shop for January?

The wines in our online wine shop are intended to be enjoyed all year round, but inevitably with the changing of the seasons, certain grapes and styles come to the fore at different times of year.

January can be a challenging time of year - the frivolity of Christmas is over, and you might be looking for a wine that's slightly more easy-going after a week or two of indulgence.

For a selection of whites from some of the warmer parts of the world, check our case deals and get your hands on six of the finest examples of 'sunshine in a bottle' to take the winter off your mind.

Or if you want to celebrate the winter with a hearty red, our online wine shop has plenty of good options - Malbec is always a flavoursome choice, or our Tempranillo selection contains some truly spectacular vintage wines.

Finally, for a truly seasonal choice, try Amarone Valpolicella Classico DOC from Guiseppe Lonardi, a fantastic Italian red made from grapes dried between October and January, before being left to mature for up to four years in oak.