UK wine merchants can supply homegrown wedding wines

Sharpham Dart Valley ReserveView larger image

UK wine merchants can help you to create the idyllic image of a British summertime wedding - complete with British wine to serve to your guests.

English winemaking dates back to at least the Norman Conquest, and may have its origins as far back as the Roman era.

After the reign of Henry VIII it went into decline, but has seen a major resurgence since the Second World War.

Now there are vineyards dotted throughout the country creating wines that sit proudly on the shelves of UK wine merchants everywhere.

At Portland Wine we stock Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve, a dry white wine that is perfect for a wedding banquet on a hot summer's day.

Fruity and delicate, it's a shining example of what this vineyard have developed over two decades and more of viticulture.

Indeed, their wines have become so well regarded that Devon-based Sharpham Vineyard were recently named as one of the best producers of wedding wines in south-west England, in an article by hen party blog GoHen.

"As an added bonus they also produce some highly regarded cheese giving you yet more local flavour for your wedding," the blog reported.

"Their award-winning still and sparkling wines are fit for any occasion but really will make an excellent inclusion to your big celebration."