Turn up the romance when you buy wine online

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When you buy wine online, you have a huge range to choose from - so if Valentine's Day has inspired you to have more romantic nights in with a loved one, which online wines should you opt for?

First of all, let's be honest, some people have strong opinions about the wine they like, so if you have a favourite grape or region, feel free to stick to it - this is just a brief guide for those who aren't sure.

That being said, in white wine Chardonnay is the classic, and choosing an online wine is an excellent way to get great value for money.

Chardonnay is the grape, not the region, so you can find it from several regions; Cahors is the usual French region, while Argentinean and Chilean Chardonnays are increasingly popular too.

For a casual date night, rose's blush or pink tones bring to mind the colours of Valentine's Day, hearts and so on.

A sparkling rose can add some extra energy to your evening - and just popping the cork is an event you can enjoy together.

Finally, among red wines, Malbec is still the in thing, with deep, dark colours and flavours that are the perfect complement to a seductive evening meal by candlelight.