Three 'spooky' regions to buy wine from this Halloween

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A few weeks ago we gave you some tips on how to buy wine for Halloween, but it's worth picking out some of the most appropriate regions to buy wine from too.

For this spooky celebration, there are three French regions worth considering.

First up is the aptly named Graves in Bordeaux, on the bank of the Garonne river; admittedly the name comes from the gravelly soil, and not from any ghostly goings-on, but it's a fun connection with this time of year.

As you might expect, Graves is known for its Chateau reds, so get in touch with us if you need detailed descriptions of what's in stock.

The Cote de Nuits region can be literally translated as 'the Coast of Nights' which sounds spooky enough - although it actually takes its name from Nuits-Saint-Georges, which in turn comes from 'noa' or 'naud' meaning wet ground.

But that doesn't matter if you want an excellent pinot noir, which is what this region is famed for.

Finally, buy wine from the 'Haunt' Medoc region for a deep blood red colour - OK yes, it's really Haut Medoc, but it's worth the pun for wine this good!