Those who buy wine often 'are more flexible'

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If you buy wine quite often, part of the whole experience might not be about the actual drinking, but about discovering new labels, grapes and regions that are stocked by your local independent wine merchant or your favourite online wine shop.

There's a fairly understandable link between buying wine more frequently and being more flexible in what you buy - and research by consumer analyst Nielsen has confirmed that this is indeed the case among English drinkers.

Of those who buy wine once a week, a third have tried more than ten different brands in the past 12 months; of those who buy wine 'several times a year', fewer than one in five have tried such a variety.

It's perhaps not surprising, as buying wine less frequently simply offers fewer chances to try something new over the course of a year.

But the figures also outperform other drinks categories - of weekly beer buyers, just 22% have tried more than ten brands in the past 12 months, and that figure drops to 12% of spirit drinkers.

So across the board, wine drinkers are the more adventurous, and frequent buyers are most flexible of all - something to bear in mind if you're a regular visitor to your local independent wine merchant, or if you have your first-choice online wine shop in your browser bookmarks.