The nine 'caveman' reasons to buy wine

When you buy wine, you probably know that you're buying a beverage with centuries, if not millennia, of history behind it.

But you might not realise that there are not one, but nine distinct 'caveman' instincts that are satisfied by the modern-day shopping process.

According to Intellima, the analysis-based sister business to Wine Intelligence, "nine facets of behaviour" go into our everyday buying decisions - including when we buy wine.

We like to benefit the world, and we like our product choices to tell a unique story; we like to benefit our own health, too, and we prefer brands to tell the truth.

These four desires are termed Feel Good, Telling Tales, Well Being and Transparency by Intellima, but they are not the only factors in play.

Consumer Generated and Fusion describe our desire to create new ideas, and to adapt those that already exist (such as your own recipe for sangria or mulled wine, perhaps).

Immediacy - the desire to have everything at your fingertips, such as when you buy wine online - is also on the list, as is Retro, a trend towards classic products that is seen across the retail sector as a whole.

And finally, if your wife is the one to buy wine online in your home, she's part of the cavewoman trend of Girl Power, probably the most removed of the nine instincts from our old caveman ways, and an indicator of how modern societal ways are allowing us to transform and evolve genuinely from our Neanderthal predecessors.