The music choices of wine merchants (and the wine it makes you buy)

Wine merchants, in general, will try to make the buying experience as pleasant as possible for you - we try to make our stores an inviting place to shop, and to make you feel welcome when you visit.

One interesting element in that is the use of background music, which is fairly common in stores of all types these days, and also in some wine merchants.

Industry analyst Wine Intelligence reports that the choice of music can have a direct impact on the choice of wine made by shoppers.

Citing a study of in-store music by North, Hargreaves and McKendrick, the analyst notes that French music spurs sales of French wine, while German music has a similar effect on - you guessed it - sales of German wine.

In particular, the study found the relevant music created a ratio of sales of 3:1 between the two countries, which reversed when the other country's music was played.

Despite this fact, a massive 86% of participants in the study claimed to be unaffected by the music when making their buying decisions.

The next time you visit your local wine merchant, take a moment to listen to the music that's playing - and enjoy your Rioja, if it's a flamenco that takes your fancy.