The emotional appeal of independent wine merchants

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A visit to your local independent wine merchants can be quite evocative - if you've travelled to vineyards in the past, it can bring to mind sunny days on the continent, or perhaps simply the last time you were with a certain friend or family member.

But this sense of emotion is present throughout the wine-buying process, and even if you don't have any experiences of your own to bring to mind, the image of a distant vineyard on a sunny hillside can still make buying a bottle feel like a transformative process.

An article in the September/October issue of Wine & Viticulture Journal notes this uniquely emotional nature of the wine-buying process.

"Of all the products the land provides, wine is almost unique in that those who cultivate it are also intimately connected with its production. Only olive oil comes close," writes Jonathan Cahill.

"Most other produce is sent off to a third party with no direct connection to the land or the crop."

This leaves wine with a uniquely artisan feeling to it - something independent wine merchants recognise too, and which helps to pack an emotional impact unlike any other during the buying process.