The cherry on the cake for fine wine companies

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Which is your favourite wine-growing region? Or your favourite grape? Or your favourite fine wine company, for that matter?

Even just a few years ago, many people might have been unlikely to have an immediate answer to more than one, if any, of those questions.

Now though, more and more people know the difference between Chardonnay and Chablis, and why you shouldn't ask for "a Mendoza from Malbec" in your local independent wine merchant's.

This is a trend that is taking shape not only within the wine world, but across a whole range of consumables, most notably in terms of coffee, where customers increasingly appreciate the difference between different methods of preparation, as well as different beans - and even casual consumers expect whipped cream and a cherry on top.

In an article for Wine Intelligence, Lulie Halstead writes that "being obsessive, both as a producer and a consumer, is all the rage for 2014".

This is partly because "nobody gets obsessed by the mundane, the mainstream and the middle ground", making the quality of fine wine companies a key selling point in what is fast becoming a major, global consumer trend.