Sparkling glassware for sparkling wine

It's not always easy to produce sparkling glassware once you've used your wine glasses and champagne flutes a few times, but there are some steps you can take to keep them gleaming for longer.

First of all, be wary of using a dishwasher for your most delicate glassware - the abrasive powders and salts used in these can create tiny scratches on the surface.

Over time, these will build up to reduce the reflective quality of your glasses, making them look dull no matter how clean they are.

Instead, wash them by hand with liquid soap, and try not to scratch them in the process.

Use warm water - but not hot enough that the glass shatters on entry - and any fat-based marks, such as lipstick smudges, will become easier to shift.

Make sure your water is clean, too - it's no good washing your glassware after a bowlful of dirty crockery and kitchen utensils.

Finally, when drying champagne flutes and wine glasses, the best streak-free appearance will be achieved if you fully drip-dry them, rather than using a towel.

Just be sure to rinse off any excess suds, and then leave them upside-down on a draining board, where they will be safe from any cooking splashes, until they are fully dry.

Hold them by the stem to avoid any unwanted fingermarks, turn them to the upright position, and put them on a shelf well away from any dirt or grime until they are needed.