Should I buy wine from organic vineyards?

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You don't hear so much about organic food anymore, and for many people deciding whether to buy wine from organic vineyards is just one more factor alongside the region where the vineyard is found, the grape or grapes used, and basics like the colour and alcohol strength of the wine.

But organic principles haven't gone away - quite the opposite in fact, as most major supermarkets now have organic ingredients clearly labelled in their fruit and veg section, or even dedicated separate organic aisles alongside other ethical products like Fairtrade and GM-free, and dietary requirements like gluten-free too.

Recent research suggests that organic wine might even taste better on average, as a paper in the Journal of Wine Economics in late 2016 found that eco-certification has a measurable correlation with wines being assessed as higher quality by reviewers.

Organic wine can be a little harder to find, but when you buy wine online from an independent wine merchant, it's easier to search for a bottle from a producer with organic commitments.

A good starting place is Gavi di Gavi from Cantine Manfredi, a traditional Italian wine made from the Cortese grape that keeps well for several years after purchase while still offering a fresh, crisp flavour.

The grapes are grown under near-organic conditions, and there are natural advantages when you buy wine with strict rules on its derivation too - Gavi di Gavi literally means Gavi wine from the town of Gavi itself, and this gives you much more confidence that you are drinking a wine made from native grapes.

Alternatively, Turkey Flat are an Australian winemaker who have been described as holding cult status, not to mention a good level of commitment to organic production methods.

We offer their Butchers Block wine in white or red, and you can read more about their vineyards and their work towards organic certification as one of the featured producers on our Wine Info page.