Send wine gift delivery to a loved one this spring

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If you want a change from the classic bunch of flowers or box of chocolates, wine gift delivery is an alternative you might not previously have considered.

While many of us have sent flowers by mail to a loved one in the past, wine gift delivery is a relatively newer option, but one that is always likely to be well received.

Send a bottle of their favourite variety, and you give a gift that can be enjoyed immediately on the big day, or stored as a treat for days, weeks or even years later.

You might even want to send a significant vintage, either from a particularly good harvest year, or from the year the person was born, or the year they got married if it's an anniversary.

Red wine doesn't even need to be chilled, so if your recipient is going away for their birthday or other event, they can take it with them without worrying about refrigeration.

And of course, it's convenient; bottles arrive safely and attractively packaged, but without all the water, mess and inconvenience that comes with a bunch of flowers, making wine a perfect gift for any recipient who's fond of the easy life.