Seasonal wine gift delivery ideas

With heavy weather preventing non-essential travel in some parts of the UK, you might want to look to wine gift delivery services as a means of getting a present to a loved one during the disruption.

If you've had to cancel your travel plans and don't want to let down your intended recipient, buy wine online and have it delivered to them instead.

And there are ways to embrace the current spate of snowfall in your decision of which bottle to give to your friend, family member or colleague.

Red wines are an ever-popular option for wine gift delivery, and a beverage that can be drunk at slightly warmer temperatures might seem more appealing to some people right now than a chilled glass of white.

Of course, red wine can also be mulled and served hot - an ideal winter warmer, but possibly not something you'd want to do to an expensive or vintage bottle.

An alternative is to look for pinot noir when you're buying wine online as a New Year gift - the common flavours to be found here include seasonal fruits like cranberry, making it an ideal option to keep the festive spirit alive.