Scots to buy wine in smaller serving sizes

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Scottish pubgoers could soon have more opportunities to buy wine in smaller serving sizes, as consumer analyst Mintel reports on a BBC news story about how the Scottish authorities are looking to improve public health.

Public health minister Michael Matheson told the broadcaster: "It is important that people have the ability to choose a smaller measure if they wish."

He is encouraging on-trade premises to ensure they have 125ml glasses of wine available in addition to the more commonly seen serving sizes of 175ml and 250ml.

At these serving sizes, a standard 75cl bottle of wine would provide either six, four or three glasses respectively.

But it is worth remembering that many people do not buy wine with the intention of consuming the whole bottle to themselves, and when you pour your own at home, you have total control over the serving size.

It is also worth noting that government guidelines relate to how many units you drink "regularly" - that is, on most or all days.

Occasionally drinking more than 3-4 units (men) or 2-3 units (women) in a day is not actually a problem, even within the guidelines laid out by the UK government.

So the next time you buy wine - whether in a pub, bar or restaurant or from your local independent wine merchants to enjoy at home - sit back, relax, and trust in your own judgment.