Scotland ban on multi-buy wine has 'statistically insignificant' effect

Buy wine at your local independent wine merchant, and you might expect to see discounts when you buy more than one bottle at a time.

However, the same cannot be said of the Scottish off-licence trade, where multi-buy offers have been banned on alcoholic beverages.

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association says this has had no significant effect - and while sales have fallen by 2.6% since the ban, that is not enough to demonstrate statistical significance.

WSTA chief executive Miles Beale says: "There is currently no direct evidence linking multi-buy promotions to alcohol consumption in the off-trade.

"However, we do know that overall levels of alcohol consumption are in decline, with UK consumption down 16% since 2004."

The report is a demonstration of the fact that UK customers are able to make their own decision to buy wine in safe quantities, while still benefiting from price promotions.

As such, the next time you visit your local independent wine merchant in England, you can be relieved that you are able to benefit from such discounts - unlike our neighbours north of the border.