Remember quality when you buy wine

It can be tempting to buy wine based solely on price, but if you remember to consider the quality you could be in for a more enjoyable tasting experience.

A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research reveals that individuals who are reminded of value tend to prefer cheaper wines based solely on their price, whereas those reminded of quality tend to opt for the higher-priced of two wines.

This simple effect can influence your decision-making process when you buy wine - so what are the arguments in favour of spending a little extra?

Well, first of all, spending more can simply get you a better-quality wine, which might seem worthwhile in itself if you're interested in enjoyment rather than quantity.

But the nature of alcohol duty in particular makes slightly more expensive bottles potentially much better in quality.

As duty is fixed on the strength of the wine, two bottles of the same size and strength incur the same amount of tax - regardless of the price of the bottle.

In fine wines, that means a larger proportion of the price of the more expensive bottle actually goes towards paying for the wine itself, making for a larger increase in quality than in price.