Portland Wine have Christmas wine gifts for any budget

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Whether you give Christmas wine gifts as an annual tradition or a one-off treat to a loved one, or even as a thank you to a business colleague or employee, Portland Wine's great selection has you covered and we can take custom orders too.

Our range of Christmas wine gifts starts from single bottles spectacularly gift wrapped with ribbons and bows, for example individual bottles of Croft Pink Port on sale at Portland Wine Hale for £11 each.

If your budget is a little higher, we have Christmas wine crates of six mixed bottles for £42.75, again in our gloriously festive gift wrapping with protective plastic sheeting, ribbons and bows that look great against the greens and reds of the bottles themselves.

For gin lovers, look no further than our Northern Gin-Fest gift box, a celebration of local distilleries that includes bottles of Manchester Gin, Thomas Dakin Gin and a bottle from Burnley-based Batch Spirits, along with tonic water and craft lemonades.

At £104 it's a fantastic price for those three gins, complete with mixers and gift-wrapped in a presentation crate, and offers an alternative to wine if you are looking for something a bit different.

If you're travelling light this Christmas, ask about our wine gift delivery options, or why not give a gift voucher instead?

We have gift vouchers available that can be redeemed for entry to a Portland Wine tasting event of the recipient's choice (assuming tickets are still available) and will give them a memorable experience at some point in the new year.

Finally, please do get in touch if you are interested in placing a bulk order for Christmas wine gifts - followers of our Facebook page will have seen the picture we posted recently of one such order, all assembled and ready to ship out.

The contents of each gift box can be adjusted to suit your budget, and we have a selection of gift wrapping options and convenient carry-boxes to choose from.

If you run out of time before Christmas, don't panic - why not place your order in January instead? We'll have it assembled quickly for you, so you can send it out without delay.

A belated bottle of wine is often even more welcome just when it seemed like all the gifts and celebrations had come to an end!