Painted Wolf - A fine wine company with distinction

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Not every fine wine company is in France, and Painted Wolf Wines in South Africa is rapidly becoming a very well respected label on the global stage, with several wines finding their place in our portfolio too.

Like any good fine wine company, Painted Wolf work with the very best grapes for their region, specialising in Chenin Blanc and Pinotage with strong South African characteristics.

The Den Chenin Blanc is a particular favourite, produced from fully ripe grapes with about 10% Chardonnay, and three different winemaking processes.

Half of the content is produced using the clean cold tank fermentation process, with a quarter using French oak staves and the final quarter a "funky" fermentation method (as Painted Wolf describe it) "with lots of lees in the tank and a very slow fermentation to build glycerol and texture".

The complexity of flavour results in a wine that can be served with almost any food, or enjoyed for its own merits.

Another hallmark of any fine wine company is the ability to produce something that is special and sought after - and perhaps available only in small quantities.

This is the case with Painted Wolf's single-vineyard wines, such as Penny, a Viognier produced in the very smallest of quantities.

If you're lucky enough to find this in stock, you can expect a truly beautiful wine with harmonious flavours, aspects of citrus and wood, and a finish that lasts and lasts.

The name comes from Penny Hughes, co-owner of the Kasteelsig vineyard from which the grapes are taken - and her partner Billy gives his name to another Painted Wolf wine, Guillermo.

This is an intense Pinotage with berry flavours and aspects of vanilla - ideal for the festive season.

Each vintage produces fewer than 10,000 bottles, and interestingly these are sealed using either a natural cork or a screw cap - if you can find one of each, this offers a unique opportunity to compare the taste.