Online wine purchases could include more pouches in future

Online wine shops could soon be sending out more pouches of wine, and fewer bottles, if a trend identified by consumer analyst Nielsen continues.

There are clear advantages to pouches for delivering beverages purchased from online wine shops - from a reduction in packaging weight, to a lower risk of breaking if they are jolted during transit.

While pouches of wine might sound unusual, they're actually already commonplace in the British market, particularly as the inner container in boxed wines.

But Nielsen is seeing a much broader trend developing, with everything from wine and cider to spirits and specific drinks like sangria making their way into pouches.

As consumer support of these types of packaging increases, so the trend is expected to continue, with more manufacturers putting their drinks into pouches to serve demand.

Pouches have already been bought by one in eight alcohol shoppers over the past year, a doubling in demand compared with the previous 12 months.

Nielsen reports: "Pouch packaging could also become alternative packaging for more mainstream wine and spirit package sizes.

"If successful, pouches may have staying power well into the foreseeable future."