Online wine could soon include hypoallergenic options

Online wine options often include something a little unusual that you might not find so easily in your local independent wine merchant's shop.

Bottles with unusual levels of alcohol content - or none at all - and even low-carb wines have made their appearances in online wine listings in the past.

Soon, however, a new kind of hypoallergenic wine could be making its way on to the internet, and into your local independent wine merchant's stockroom.

Developed with funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation - and researched not in the obvious wine regions of France or South America, but at the University of British Columbia - the innovation stems from a special strain of yeast.

The yeast is already being used in some Canadian and US wines, and the developers hope it will give their local vineyards a competitive edge in the untapped market of individuals with an intolerance to wine.

"Investments made in science and state-of-the-art facilities are giving Canada's wine industry an edge in a highly competitive market," explains minister of state for science and technology Gary Goodyear.