One in ten Brits dream of being wine merchants

Wine merchants work hard to bring you the best beverages from fine wine companies the world over; but there is also an element of glamour to the lifestyle, which can involve travelling to far-flung destinations to sample the harvest.

It is perhaps no surprise, then, that many Britons seem keen to emulate the lifestyles of wine merchants, at least from within the confines of their own home.

A survey conducted by Ocean Finance aimed to discover what features most Britons would like to see in their 'dream home'.

Up top were the usual suspects - an indoor swimming pool (36%), en suite bathrooms (33%) and conservatories (32%).

But further down the list, an impressive 10% of people mentioned wanting a wine cellar - equivalent to approximately five million people nationwide.

In many cases, this might not be a totally unrealistic ambition, as Ocean Finance's Ian Williams points out: "It's fun to think about dream home features, but actually they don't have to just be in the imagination.

"Many of our aspirations are actually quite modest."

Wine dream