Offers help wine merchants keep bottles in demand

Wine merchants in the UK are able to offer a range of different packaging options these days, including single-serving portion sizes and bag-in-box alternatives.

But it's still bottled wine in traditional sizes that sells the most units - and that's partly thanks to the way customers perceive the different packaging formats and the beverages they contain.

For instance, as bag-in-box wines typically come in bulk sizes, they cost more upfront, putting some customers off even when they are buying a large quantity of wine.

This is perhaps why you're more likely to see boxed wine at a house party than if you're having a quiet night in on your own or with a partner.

By contrast, wine merchants are able to offer deals on bottled wine more easily, allowing customers to benefit from two-for-one offers and other multibuy discounts.

Juan Park, research director at Wine Intelligence, says: "Compared to a two-for-one offer on bottled wine, bag-in-box just seems for some consumers like a risky choice, with a high initial purchase price."

However, for those who need larger quantities of wine, boxes offer excellent value - and can be stored for quite a long time once opened.