North-west residents more likely to buy wine

Figures from NHS Health Scotland reveal that residents of north-west England are more likely to buy wine than their counterparts in neighbouring northern regions.

The study, published in the journal BMC Public Health, looks at total alcohol sales in different UK regions, as well as the types of alcoholic beverages sold.

In the north-west of England, for instance, total alcohol sales are 10% higher than the UK average, at just over 19 units per adult per week.

Wine accounts for 28% of these sales, beer 41%, spirits 20% and cider (including perry) 8%, and it is worth noting that this includes both the on-trade and off-licence sales.

This makes residents of the region more likely to buy wine than those of north-east England, where it constitutes 24% of sales, and Yorkshire where wine has a 25% market share.

As you head further south though, wine's market share picks up even further, from 28% in central England to 29% in Wales, 30% in the south-west and East of England, 34% in London and a peak of 35% in south and south-east England.