No more duty when you buy wine post-Budget

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Wine enthusiasts will be glad to hear that the recent Summer Budget did not impose any additional alcohol duty when you buy wine in the UK.

In fact, there was little mention of alcohol duty at all, apart from an exemption for small cider producers as part of efforts to boost the productivity of England's own brewing industry in the south-west.

The news is probably welcome to many people who buy wine on a weekly basis, as even a rise of a penny soon stacks up week on week.

And of course, the less you pay in duty as a proportion of the total bottle price, the more of your money is going towards buying a better quality wine.

But it's still not what the industry wanted - the Wine and Spirit Trade Association had previously called for a 2% cut in alcohol duty in its pre-Budget submission.

WSTA had also asked for tax incentives for English vineyards, similar to those given to cider producers in the south-west.

"Give the industry the voice it deserves on the international stage," WSTA urged, "and commit to using English wine at government receptions."