No corks needed to be a fine wine company

The public perception of what makes a good fine wine company is changing, as consumer research specialist Mintel reveals more and more Brits are willing to spend on good-quality wines sold in new kinds of packaging.

For instance, screw caps no longer carry the stigma they used to hold, and only 17% of people now believe that a fine wine company's products are inferior if they are not sealed with a genuine cork.

Almost two fifths (39%) of those surveyed go further, claiming that boxed wine is equally as good as bottled - and only 26% specifically believe wine to be any less good in terms of quality, simply because it is sold in a box.

Chris Wisson, senior drinks analyst at Mintel, admits that there are actually some benefits to boxed wine, including a longer shelf life once opened, the ease with which a single box can be consumed over a longer period of time, and the lower packaging waste.

Perhaps most interestingly, though, Mintel found that the main reasons why Brits buy wine are not packaging-related, but still relate to four major factors: brand name (73%), pricing and promotions (63%), grape type (57%) and country of origin (38%).