Nielsen surveys show why online wine shops are customer-friendly

There are plenty of reasons why online wine shops are a customer-friendly option - but thanks to recent surveys from internet analyst Nielsen, there's no need to take our word for it.

Nielsen conducted a global survey of grocery shopping, and unsurprisingly found prices to be the greatest concern when consumers worldwide are buying food and beverages at present.

However, the factors that followed varied from region to region - and Europe was the only continent where labelling ranked second on the list.

Labelling of wine in particular is often very good in the European market, where region, grape, sweetness and body are all key considerations for experienced wine drinkers.

Fourth on the list for Europeans was the cost of transportation - explaining why many consumers prefer to buy from online wine shops, rather than pay for fuel to travel to their nearest specialist dealer.

In a separate survey, Nielsen found a growing desire to shop for products such as wine online, indicating that the concerns outlined above are being dealt with by online wine merchants and their counterparts throughout the food and beverage industries.

From just 18% of consumers who planned to buy food and drink online in the first quarter of 2010, 26% surveyed in Q1 of 2012 said they expected to do so within 3-6 months - and much of the influence keeping that figure low comes from perishable goods like fresh fruits and vegetables, rather than from items that can be stored for the long term such as wine.