'Lucky' reds find favour among Chinese drinkers who buy wine online

What do you base your decision on when you buy wine online? Without being able to get up close and personal with the bottle, you might look to a favourite grape or region, or let your decision be guided by the alcohol strength more than it otherwise might.

Research published by the organisers of Vinexpo, a trade show due to take place in Hong Kong on May 27th-29th, reveals that Chinese customers in particular have a slightly unusual preference when they buy wine online.

That is because, in Eastern cultures, red is considered a lucky colour - and as such, red wine is often also perceived as being 'luckier' than white, leading many more customers in the region to buy vivid reds.

More than a quarter of all wine sold in China is bought online, and Vinexpo predict this will rise to very nearly half of all sales by 2020.

Interestingly, this trend is being driven by the Chinese population's familiarity with the internet, which is overcoming their relative lack of familiarity with wine itself.

The findings are food for thought for British consumers too, as they show tech-savvy Chinese wine-drinkers are unafraid to buy a bottle without seeing it in person, as they continue to embrace the convenience of modern technology.