Last-minute wine gift delivery for Christmas

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In just two weeks from now, Christmas will all be over for another year, apart from the turkey leftovers - so if you're still scrambling for those last few presents, consider arranging some last-minute wine gift delivery before it's too late.

Home delivery is the obvious option if you won't be seeing a loved one in person this year, or if you're not planning to meet up with them until Boxing Day or New Year's.

The unspoken extra advantage of wine gift delivery is, if you're going to be seeing that person in a few days' time, there's a good chance you might get to share the bottle too!

If you will be seeing the recipient, it takes the edge off of the pressure to place your order, although it's still wise to buy sooner rather than later, so things are still in stock.

Once Christmas week itself arrives, you'll find it difficult to order anything and have it arrive in time, but your local independent wine merchants should still be open up until Christmas Eve.

The worst scenario is finding you've run out of wine on Christmas Day, as shops are likely to be closed not just then, but on Boxing Day too - so it might be worth stocking up with an extra few bottles just in case.