Keeping in touch with your independent wine merchant

An independent wine merchant can be a lasting companion, able to help you choose the right tipple for every party or meal you ever decide to host.

This has been true for generations, but in the age of the internet, it is even easier to keep in touch with your local independent wine merchant, and get some personalised advice the next time you buy wine online.

Research published in Wine & Viticulture, an academic periodical published in Broadview, South Australia, reveals that this level of connection is a global phenomenon.

"New World wineries, including those in Australia, are increasingly investing in their cellar door operations and maintaining quality interactions with their visitors once they have returned home, whether locally or abroad," writes Richard Halstead.

This, he adds, underpins "the link between wine and the adjacent lifestyle categories of food and tourism".

But you don't have to go halfway around the world to find someone capable of giving you guidance when you buy wine online.

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