Independent wine merchants look to tackle the 'consumer challenge'

The wine industry is very much aware of the need to serve consumer needs effectively - and independent wine merchants will be among those debating the issue at the WSTA Conference 2013.

Due to take place on September 25th in London, the event is a chance for wine and spirits traders to come together to share insight and industry expertise, and look to the future of the sector as a whole.

At this year's event, the 'consumer challenge' will be the topic up for discussion - and that incorporates all of the issues currently facing independent wine merchants and spirits retailers.

For instance, with markets becoming increasingly subject to regulation, traders must ensure they meet the needs of their customers, while also staying abreast of incoming laws and limitations.

Digital technology - including the ability to buy wine online at competitive prices, and have it delivered to your door - is also transforming the way consumers engage with the industry in general.

Experts from within the wine industry and outside of it will be on the panel for this year's discussion - and together, their views could help to shape the way you buy wine online in the years to come.