Independent wine merchants can help you honour St George's Day

Independent wine merchants may be able to help you celebrate St George's Day on Tuesday, April 23rd, with a particularly patriotic tipple.

There are several vineyards tucked away in the English countryside, although many British wine-lovers would never know how close they might be to their nearest grape-growing region.

On April 23rd, a bottle of good English wine could be a good way to mark St George's Day with a bit of a difference from the usual night in the local pub.

Independent wine merchants can help you to find a bottle of English wine - and you could be surprised by just how good it can be.

One example is the 2009 Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve, a white blend of Phoenix, Madeleine Angevine and Kernling grapes.

The wine is produced at the Sharpham Estate in Totnes, Devon, located by a meander of the River Dart.

In the 2010 blend, Kernling was replaced with Bacchus - meaning it could be your last chance to head to your local wine merchants and get your hands on a bottle of the 2009 vintage.